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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Q & A with City of Morro Bay Officials

Morro Bay Stakeholders and Citizens:

On Wednesday, November 16th the MB Stakeholders Steering Committee (Annie Pivarski, Carol Truesdale, Kris Headland, Ed Griggs), met with Scot Graham and Whitney McIlvaine from the MB Community Development Department and MB City Attorney Christopher Neumeyer to discuss the Tank Removal Project. Our specific questions included: 1. Clarification of Phases I, II; 2. The ESHA and the 6″ Jet Fuel Pipeline; 3. The Performance Bond.

Attached, please find the  document titled MBCDD Answers, two maps referred to in the MBCDD answers.


Ed Griggs

Morro Bay Stakeholders

Q&A: MBCDD Answers


Jet fuel tank project site morro bay, ca


CVI Answers (Some of the) Stakeholders’ Questions.

TYPICAL QUESTION: “How will the weight of the trucks and their loads affect the condition of the streets, and the water and sewer pipes under the streets of the routes of the proposed demo project truck traffic?”

TYPICAL ANSWER: “Verify this information with the City of Morro Bay, Public Works Department.”

The application for removal of formerly toxic jet fuel tanks at 3300 Panorama is complex and multifaceted. Stakeholders have compiled a list of questions for both the applicant (CVI) and the City of Morro Bay. This detailed document includes response received from CVI.

By reading this document, it quickly becomes clear to the reader that the applicant is off-loading much responsibility to The City of Morro Bay. Ultimately that becomes the responsibility of ordinary citizens who pay taxes. For this reason Morro Bay Stakeholders STRONGLY URGE the City of Morro Bay to require a performance bond from the applicant.

Note that the City Engineer and Public Works Dept. are on record as saying that there is “no official approval process” for allowing 40 ton construction vehicles to regularly use City streets to access the proposed construction site.

If you agree that a performance bond should be made mandatory, please sign our petition here:

Read detailed questions and CVI responses here