City Updates Staff Report

Morro Bay Stakeholders:
The Morro Bay Community Development Department just made available
the updated Staff Report for the tank demolition. It has been anticipated for
some time, but was just posted today and dated November 28th, 2016. It is
significantly different from the original Staff report of September 6th Staff
report. The project went from one and half months to two months to 2-3
months. The amount of material to be removed also has skyrocketed from
a few hundred cubic yards to thousands of cubic yards. There are a lot of
additional inconsistencies that have already come to light.
The Steering Committee: Carol Truesdale; Annie Pivarski, Kristen
Headland and Ed Griggs are presently pouring over the updated Staff
Report and will prepare a response for the December 6th Planning
Commission meeting, which is less than a week away so please plan on
We are also attaching the original September 6th Staff and updated staff reports if you wish to
compare the two. Also below is the Stakeholders’ response letter to this unexpected last minute revised staff report.

Ed Griggs
MB Stakeholders Steering Committee

Original Staff Report

New Staff Report

Stakeholders Letter to Planning Commission


Concerned Resident 195

Gary Messerotes - December 1, 2016

To me, it appears that the efforts of the Morro Bay Stakeholders have resulted in many of the changes presented in the New Staff Report, which is a significant accomplishment.

Please let me know if anyone has any environmental or mitigation measures questions that I might be able to clarify prior to the meeting next week.


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