Open Letter to the City of Morro Bay Planning Commission

City of Morro Bay Organizational Chart

December 5, 2016

To:  Morro Bay Planning Commission

Chairperson Robert Tefft
Chairperson Gerald Luhr
Commissioner Michael Lucas
Commissioner Richard Sadowski
Chairperson Joseph Ingraffia


B-1 Case #: CP0-550, UP0-440

Site Location: 3300 Panorama Drive

Project Title: Demolition of Tanks and Associated Structures

Good Evening Honorable Commissioners, and Community Development Staff,

I am Annie Pivarski, resident and homeowner in North Morro Bay; and a Morro Bay Stakeholder.  For me, the latest iteration of this project comes down to TRUST:

The word has been flung high and low nationally; and here it is in our own community.  I think expectation has a lot to do with trust.  Having the expectation that someone will do right and be right towards you also ties in to feeling safe.  To me, trust is most visible via actions.

From the outset of this project, trust has been lacking:  Of the System and of the Applicant and associated LPs and LLC’s.  I believe the City has been naïve about the magnitude of and overall effect this project will have on its citizens, the environment, and infrastructure.

Now, the scope of the project has changed with impacts far greater than what was originally proposed.  Yet, according to the applicant in a written response to our concerns dated December 1, he states, “There are no changes.”  Trustworthy?  I think not.  Regarding the Insurance Guaranty required as a condition of approval, the response: “We have already committed to the insurance and the indemnification for the neighborhood in the event of damages.  We will provide you with the insurance certificate.”  To date, there is no certificate.  I would expect it to be secured in time for this meeting.  Trust is most visible via actions.

Regarding this project and-any other for that matter-my expectation is that the City of Morro Bay follows its own “ORGANIZATIONAL CHART,” which is included with this statement and is for F/Y 2015/16.  At the top of the chart, “CITIZENS OF MORRO BAY.”  Reporting to the “CITIZENS,” the MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL, followed by City ADMINISTRATION and various departments falling under it.

My current property taxes are $4,470.56 a year.  For the amount of money we pay to live here I am not feeling safe with the current proposed plan which was released a week ago today.

Commissioners, I trust you to hear our concerns and make your decision based on the “CITIZENS OF MORRO BAY,” along with thorough review and scrutiny of all applicable documentation.

Thank You.

Concerned Resident 195