City Planners Set to Approve Project

Speak now or forever hold your peace, seems to apply. On January 3, the Morro Bay Community Development Department will likely approve the application for a vastly expanded demolition project in North Morro bay. Many last minute changes were made to the plan, leaving little time for Morro Bay stakeholders to fully evaluate the added risk(s) this project entails.

Notice that the City plans to use the “Mitigated Negative Declaration” process as a means of approval. It’s basically a blank check to sign off on a project that might otherwise not be a candidate for approval. The dozens of “mitigations” required for the project may be well beyond the scope of the applicant and or the City to properly manage during the months long project.

Are you concerned that this project will complete on time, on budget and without undue burden to residents? Do you worry that sensitive environmental areas will be disturbed? Are you fully comfortable with the applicant’s reputation? Will public property such as streets and sewers be protected? And what if toxic materials are encountered during the removal of the military jet fuel tanks?

Please bring your concerns to the January 3 meeting.
Public Hearing, January 3, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
Veteran’s Memorial Building
209 Surf Street – Morro Bay, CA

See you there!

Concerned Resident 195