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Monthly Archives: January 2017

January 3, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting

Information presented at the five-and-a-half hour meeting resulted in the Planning Commission’s directive to the City Planning Department:  Issues must be addressed before moving forward with any decision on the project.  As of this posting, no future date has been set for another hearing before the Planning Commission on the tank demolition.

Please view the meeting in its entirety here: ; and several of the written statements that were made during the public comment period are shown below:

A meeting of the Stakeholders is scheduled for Monday, January 23, 7:00 pm, 331 Kodiak St., Morro Bay.  We urge you to attend and share your thoughts about our next steps.

Thank You!

-Your Morro Bay Stakeholders Steering Committee

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Urgent Request for Citizens and Residents of Morro Bay

Citizens and Residents of Morro Bay:

We need your help. There will be an official hearing on January 3rd., 2017. The Community Development Dept. has recommended that the Planning Commission conditionally approve a jet fuel tank demolition project, and has prepared a resolution to that effect for the Planning Commissions signature.

We implore all interested Morro Bay residents to show up at this meeting in force and to state your feelings about this poorly planned, potentially hazardous demolition project.
* * * *
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
6:00pm Vets Hall 208 Surf Street • Morro Bay 

* * * *
Though we continue to approve of the proper, well managed tank demolition, the Steering Committee (Annie Pavarik, Carole Truesdale, Kristen Headland and I) oppose the Conditional Use permit in the strongest possible terms.

• The SLO County Health Agency, Public Health Department sent the applicant a letter on November 23, informing Mathys that he was deficient in a litany of issues in the Demolition Plan. They sent the applicant a letter in October stating what is required, and he failed to comply with any of those requirements.

The City Staff has failed to notify the public properly about the public Planning Commission Hearings; changed the scope of the project repeatedly; failed to notify the community about changes in actions of PC meetings; consistently dumped new information about the project just before public hearings, causing us to scramble to read the new information, formulate responses in a very limited space of time.

• The Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area has not been properly defined in writing or in the maps that have been provided.

• They are trying to conduct demolition activities in the nesting season (February September 15th.

Failed to define the noise levels, and therefore, are not able evaluate them in the Mitigated Negative Declaration. And since they cannot define them have offered not mitigation(s).

Failed to recognize the potential impacts of the unstable slopes above the project area.

• We hope that the Planning Commission will allow the applicant a limited scope of work of work (removal of the tanks, pipes, pumps) complete the required soil testing and analysis, and then, if the applicant is able to complete those elements of the project, apply for another permit to remove the concrete, shot-crete, etc.

Still no proof of insurance. If the Conditional Use application is approved, the Morro Bay Stakeholders will be at the mercy of the Community Development Department to approve the all of the conditions, with no input from the public or the Planning Commission.

So far, the Community Development Department has in every way possible ignored, obfuscated, blown off and otherwise failed to represent the citizens that will be impacted by the demolition. We have absolutely no trust in their ability to deal with demolition project.

Neighbors, MB Stakeholders, please join your stakeholders and step up to the plate. Attend the meeting and protect our precious Morro Bay natural habitat, insure our public health, and preserve our crumbling infrastructure. 

Thank You,
Your Morro Bay Stakeholders

* * * *
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
6:00pm Vets Hall 208 Surf Street • Morro Bay 

* * * *